Book coauthored by Stefanie Lindquist released

Judging on a Collegial Court: Influences on Federal Appellate Decision Making, a book coauthored by Vanderbilt law and political science professor Stefanie Lindquist with Virginia Hettinger and Wendy Martinek, has been released by the University of Virginia Press. The book is one of a series of scholarly works addressing topics in Constitutionalism and Democracy published by the University of Virginia Press.

In Judging on a Collegial Court, Lindquist and coauthors Hettinger and Martinek examine the internal dynamics of the U.S. Court of Appeals, focusing on cases where there are dissenting or concurring (as opposed to unanimous) opinions as well as on the behavioral aspects of disagreement within a judicial panel and among the level of the federal judicial hierarchy, and reveal how the appellate process shapes the content and the consistency of the law.

"The resulting work is meticulously researched and well-written," writes Vanderbilt law professor Tracey E. George. "It is challenging to offer a unified circuit court model. But the authors do that and much more."