Student Award Winners Class of 2006

Dean Ed Rubin and Founders Award Winner Robin Hart Smith

Dean Ed Rubin and Founders Award Winner Robin Hart Smith

Robin Hart Smith of Senatobia, Mississippi, is the winner of the Founder's Medal for Vanderbilt University Law School. The Founder's Medals recognize the leading scholars in each of Vanderbilt's undergraduate and professional schools. In 2004-05, Smith also won the Robert E. Jackson Memorial Prize, awarded to the member of the second-year law class who maintained the highest scholastic average over two years, and he was awarded the Archie B. Martin Memorial Prize for Scholarship, awarded to the first-year law student with the highest general average for the year, in 2003-04.

As a Vanderbilt undergraduate, Smith finished second in his class and was banner bearer for the 2003 Commencement. He served as a research assistant for Professor Tracey George and will clerk next year for Chief Judge Irma Gonzalez of the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California in San Diego. The awarding of Founder's Medals is a more than century-old tradition at Vanderbilt, started by a special endowment in 1877 by university founder Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Other award winners include:

  • Amanda Schlager of Fort Myers, Florida, winner of the Junius L. Allison Legal Aid Award, awarded annually to the student who made the most significant contribution to the work of the Legal Aid Society, and of the Thomas C. Banks Award to the outstanding Jessup Moot Court team member.
  • Liza Q. Wirtz of Knoxville, Tennessee, winner of the Bennett Douglas Bell Memorial Award, which goes to the graduating student who is not only well versed in the law, but who embodies the highest conception of the ethics of the profession, and of the Damali K. Booker Award, presented annually to the third-year law student who has a keen dedication to legal activism and a demonstrated commitment to confronting social issues facing both Vanderbilt Law School and the greater Nashville community.
  • Michael Anthony Roche of Indialantic, Florida, winner of the G. Scott Briggs Transnational Legal Studies Award, which goes to the senior who has exhibited a high degree of scholastic achievement in transnational legal studies and who has made the most significant contribution to the development of international legal inquiry while a student of Vanderbilt Law School.
  • C. Jade Rutland of Atlanta, Georgia, winner of the Philip G. Davidson III Memorial Award, presented to the student chosen by the Vanderbilt Bar Association Board of Governors who is dedicated to the law and its problem-solving role in society, and who provides exemplary leadership in service to the Law School and the greater community.
  • Eun A. Chung of Seoul, Korea, winner of the LL.M. Research Prize, awarded annually to the LL.M. student whose scholarly research and writing project is judged best by the faculty.
  • Michael DeSantis of Staten Island, New York, winner of the Jordan A. Quick Award, which honors the student who has made the greatest contribution through leadership with the Vanderbilt Bar Association.
  • Charles P. Trumbull of Morgantown, West Virginia, winner of the Weldon B. White Prize, awarded to the graduating student who submitted the best paper in the fulfillment of the law school's advanced writing requirement.
  • Andrew Warth (05-06) of Brookline, Massachusetts, and Diana Goff (04-05) of Seattle, Washington, winners of the Stanley D. Rose Memorial Book Awards, which honor the students who submitted the best papers in the field of jurisprudence or legal history in fulfillment of the Law School's advanced writing requirement.
  • Joel Eckert of Columbus, Indiana, and Sarah Reisman of Claremont, California, winners of the Carl J. Ruskowski Clinical Legal Education Award, which honors students who demonstrate excellence in practice of law and best exemplify the highest standards of the legal profession in their representation of clients in the law school's clinical program.
  • Meredith Capps, winner of the ALA-ABA Scholarship and Leadership Award.
  • Miguel Gonzalez of Hialeah, Florida, winner of the Grace Wilson Sims Prize for excellence in student writing in transnational law.
  • Joshua Michael Goodwin of Lancaster, Ohio, winner of the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law Outstanding Editor Award.
  • Teresa Kay Fus of Kent, Washington, winner of the Grace Wilson Sims Medal in Transnational Law, awarded to the editorial board member, other than the editor-in-chief, selected as having done the most outstanding work on the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law during the academic year.
  • Emily Susanne Boulden of Dallas, Texas, winner of the Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law Outstanding Service Award, awarded to the student who submits the most outstanding piece of student writing to the journal.
  • Stephen Lee Adams of Stockton, California, winner of the Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law Student Writing Award, for contributing the most outstanding piece of student writing to the journal.
  • Stayce Burkhart of Elyria, Ohio, winner of the K. Harlan Dodson Moot Court Staff Award, awarded to the senior member of the Moot Court staff, other than the chief justice, whose service throughout the year was most outstanding.
  • Ashley Jenell Moore of Chattanooga, Tennessee, winner of the National Association of Women Lawyers' Outstanding Law Student Award, which goes to the student whose Law School involvement best fulfills the goals of contributing to the advancement of women in society and promoting women's issues in the legal profession.
  • Elise Snowden O'Connell of Newton Square, Pennsylvania, winner of the Law Review Candidates Award, awarded by second-year students to the third-year staff member who, other than the editor-in-chief, has made the most significant contribution to their development as a Law Review staff member.
  • Frederick David Taylor Arens of Ellington, Connecticut, winner of the Law Review Editor's Award, awarded to the third-year board member who made the most significant contribution to the Law Review.
  • Robert Franklin Dugas of Mayfield Heights, Ohio, winner of the Morgan Prize, which goes to the student who submitted the most outstanding piece of student writing to the Vanderbilt Law Review during the academic year.
  • Matthew O'Brien of Worthington, Ohio, winner of the Myron Penn Laughlin Note Award, for the student who -- other than the Morgan Prize -- contributed the best student note published in the Vanderbilt Law Review.