Vanderbilt Lawyer - Volume 37, Number 2

Vanderbilt Law Review Boots Up New Publication, En Banc

En Banc

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This fall, the Vanderbilt Law Review launched a new online publication, En Banc, as a medium for short responses to the scholarly articles published in the Law Review. Editor in Chief Scott Goldman, '09, and the Law Review board also have a more ambitious long-term goal. "In the long run, we hope to be able to publish a variety of other pieces in addition to these short responses," Goldman says. "We're still soliciting articles now for our next edition."

En Banc has been in the works for the past year, according to Goldman. "When the 2007-2008 editorial board began to look seriously into putting content online," he says, "they created a Technology Editor position." Aaron Moyer, '09, is serving as the Law Review's first Technology Editor. "Right now, we have no formal publication schedule, but we will next publish a response by John C.P. Goldberg, who is now on the faculty at Harvard Law School, and we have student work in the pipeline for the spring," Goldman says. "Law Review subscribers will be notified by email when a new En Banc edition is posted, and new issues will also be posted on a legal blog,"

The online publication is part of a comprehensive plan to expand the Law Review's online presence. "In the last year, our web site has become significantly more accessible," Goldman says. "We've switched to accepting articles electronically, and we've created an outreach email list."

En Banc is modeled after similar on-line extensions of other scholarly journals, and Goldman hopes that, in addition to publishing comments on articles published in the Law Review, the online publication will ultimately serve as a vetted forum for scholarly discussions and feature invited commentaries on specific issues. The first En Banc commentary, a response to a Law Review article on public pension funds by Stephen Choi and Jill Fisch, was written by Randall Thomas, who directs Vanderbilt's Law & Business Program. "We were particularly pleased to publish a comment by Professor Thomas, whose work examining shareholder activism is extremely well regarded, as our first edition," Goldman says.