Class Agents Make a Difference at VLS

Vanderbilt Law School's Class Agents are a vital part of the school's fundraising success. Every year they reach out to their classmates, making the case for support. Thanks to their diligence, the law school's annual fund grew by a record amount during the 2010-11 fiscal year, which ended June 30.

You can contribute to the law school's continued success by responding to your class agent's call for support. Make your annual gift today using the attached envelope.

You can also give online and learn more about the Class Agent Program at

If your class is not represented and you'd like to get involved, email or call the Development and Alumni Relations office at (615) 322-2606.

*Indicates Reunion 2011 Fundraising Chair

Class Year Class Agent
1948 Wilson Sims
1949 Cecil D. Branstetter
1950 Maclin P. Davis Jr.
1951 Ward DeWitt
1952 Frank S. King Jr.
1954 Roy A. Miles Jr.
1956 Thomas J. Trimble
1957 Arnold S. Schickler
1958 Arnold M. Weiss
1959 David E. Nelson Jr.
1960 Richard Jones
1961 Ed Lawwell*
1962 Charles M. Corn
1963 L. Bruce Ables
1964 Harry L. Fancher
1965 John M. Colvin Jr.
1966 Frank A. Woods*
1967 George V. Crawford Jr.
1968 A.W. Bolt II
1969 David L. Heald
1970 John G. Webb III
1971 Allen Lentz*
1972 Claude O. Ramer II
1973 Stephen M. Vinsavich
1974 Colby S. Morgan Jr.
1975 Mark E. Edwards
1976 Charles W. Dunn*
1977 William R. O'Bryan Jr.
1978 Brooke Hume Pendleton
1979 William A. Holby
1980 Laurence M. Papel
1981 Anthony J. McFarland*
1982 John M. Johnson
1983 Michael L. Phifer
1984 Brian Voke
1985 William J. Holley II
1986 Karen Ann Reardon*
1987 David R. Gelfand
1988 Sloan Schickler
1989 Louis Theros
1990 Kurt D. Zimmerman
1991 Warren B. Lightfoot Jr.*
1992 John C. Herman
1993 Edward P. Boyle
1994 Gregory L. Wilson
1996 Jason Conti*
1997 James A. Crumlin Jr.
1998 Scott Joseph Lynn
1999 Robert H. Fischer
2000 Damon P. Goode
2001 Corey J. Stringer*
2002 Todd R. Overman
2003 Catherine M. Corless
2004 Daniel Nathan Gilmer
2005 Jenny Lee Howard
2006 Ashley Palmer*
2007 Elisabeth Madden Mullen
2008 James Robert Irving
2009 James W. Gibson
2010 Jonathan N. Misk
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